Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery
In many ways Tullie House is the ideal client for a graphic designer; varied projects, the vast majority of which are
arts related. Apart from the obvious creative license given to us to create interesting visuals to help the museum
promote itself to the public, working on the latest exhibitions and installations the gallery has to offer helps to keep us informed and up-to-date on the latest movements in the local arts scene. Work produced includes exhibition invitations, flyers, posters, advertisements, and of course the quartely ‘What’s On’ brochure containing all the upcoming events.
We first began working with Jeremy in 2003 when he began to revamp our main ‘What’s On’ brochure. Great communication and very easy to work with, we’ve used him so much it’s almost like he’s here in the office with us!
We’re looking forward to future projects and seeing what he comes up with!
Judith Streatfield, Marketing Manager, Tullie House
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