Facing the Other Way / Vaughan Oliver
It was due to Vaughan Oliver and his extensive work for 4AD Records (Pixies/Cocteau Twins/Breeders etc etc) that I ended up becoming a graphic designer. During a visit to the University of Northumbria to see his exhibition 'Is Minty A Man?' in about 1996 I was hooked. I never imagined that I would actually get some of my work utilised in one of his 4AD related projects.
Martin Aston was to write a book about the history of 4AD records, from their beginnings in 1980 to founder Ivo Watts Russell's departure in 1999. Oliver designed the two-volume book using Marc Atkins' photography, and a slipcase containing a double-CD folder of 4AD music, on which he used two of my graphic collages, entitled 'Ramikin 3 & 4' where the CDs sat.
I was fortunate enough to meet with Vaughan in Edinburgh after he gave a talk on his career (both the highs and the lows), his influences and accomplishments. He was in reflective mood and was full of advice and ideas concerning fulfilment in your work, which was both inspiring and illuminating.
Vaughan sadly passed away unexpectedly in late 2019. His influence on me is immeasurable, and I consider myself very fortunate to have 'worked' with him, albeit so briefly.
O my golly! O my golly!
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