Drovers Rest/Iapetus Brewing
As a big real ale fan, I'm a regular at the Drovers Rest Inn in Monkhill, the best range of real ales in the area... so imagine my delight when they approached me with a little project they've been working on behind the scenes. They've begun to brew their own range of cask ales under the moniker 'Iapetus Brewing', only available at The Drovers Rest.
Named after the Iapetus Suture, one of several major geological faults caused by the collision of several ancient land masses forming a suture in the land. In Cumbria, The Iapetus Suture runs from the Solway Firth on the west coast to Lindisfarne on the east coast.
With these thoughts in mind, we decided Iapetus is powerfully elemental and should be reflective of the Cumbrian landscape, so the main logo took the stylistic form of an element from the Periodic Table, hinting at the chemical reactions (and knowledge) necessary in the art of brewing.
The various beers produced will all have geological-themed names to tie in with the brand's style, with graphic elements such as ordnance survey contours and 3D wireframe representations of mountain landscapes. Not just style, but meaning and substance, just like a great beer.
So far, Iapetus have produced beers like 'Suture', 'Experiment No.1' and 'Winter Avalanche', with many more to follow.
Master brand logo based on a Periodic Table style.
'Experiment No. 1' can mockups.
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